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The Western Wall
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Israel needs you now.
Support Jerusalem and the Petition for A Unified Jerusalem.
Go direct to the petition to
 Save Jerusalem

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live pictures of the Western Wall and Israeli education.


The Western Wall, 
Live 24 hours a day.
24 hours a day people pray at
 The Western Wall.

Where else does anyone keep such faith burning by keeping Judaism alive, than the Jewish people in Israel. Which in turn is the father of Christianity and many other religions of Christianities descendants.

The Western Wall .com
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The Western Wall .com
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Live Internet Cameras and live TV broadcast cameras to be installed and activated for the world to be able to see,  The Western Wall Live with opinions & views on all beliefs surrounding The Western Wall!

This allows the public throughout the world to view, to pray, to learn and to talk about The Western Wall 24 hours a day. Our plans are to raise awareness throughout the world and also raise funds for Israel and its people and Most of all, Pray for the peace of Israel.

Where else is G-dís heartbeat more prevalent, than in The Holy Land and in the hearts of manís prayers 24 hours a day for peace and love for all.

We currently own numerous domains names, which pertain to The Western Wall, The Western Wall live, Live tours of the Holy land and the Rebuilding of the Temple.
Such names are, but not limited to:,
& Others

We as a people of the 21 century need to support the Western Wall for our future. With the Jewish beliefs of the foundation of Bible to the Christian beliefs that the world is in the last days as mentioned in Revelations and on the voices of ministers and TV Evangelist worldwide, will become a part of our future. 

We are seeking sponsors, donations and/or partnership to begin to build and implement the new web sites, Cameras & Operations in the Old City for

The site and pending non profit corporation has other intentions out side of showing a new view on the wall and this is seven different levels of donations to Israel. Available on a need to know basis.

Help Support Israel and The Western Wall live.

Help Support Israel

Brief History on The Western Wall

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 The Western Wall


Global Deactivation of Radiation Corp.

Israeli Groups you can help as well.

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